Boosting Photo Booths Through Social

Our social media photo booth is perfect for your next event. Create a memorable get-together or party with a photo booth Orlando that includes fun customizations and branding options, plus social media accessibility.

Photo Booth Customization Features

• Choose from all types of customizations for photos, including company or event logos, monograms and more.

• Opt to cover the social media photo booth in any graphics you like, printed on a customized vinyl wrap.

• Choose from a variety of background options, including a custom step, an existing space, a repeat background or one of many backdrops.

Social Media Features

Our social media photo booth doesn’t just have a customizable, modern design, but it also has sharing features for the modern partygoer. After one of your guests has their picture taken in the cut above photo booth rentals, they can immediately post it to Facebook or Twitter. They can also send it via text message or email. All of the social media features are available directly from the photo booth kiosk.

If you’re worried about guests slowing things down by spending too much time uploading and posting their photos, there are other options. You can have extra social media kiosks setup so people can continue to use the photo booth even while others are posting their photos.

Social Media Photo Booths for Marketing

If you’d like to use the social media photo booth to market your company or brand, opt for branding features on everything from the booth itself to the photos people take. For example, you can have your company logo printed on each photo strip. You can also have social media posts on Facebook and Twitter auto-tagged with a custom, branded hashtag. Additionally, you can have users enter their email address while at the social media kiosk in order to help build your mailing list.

Run a Contest with the Social Media Photo Booth

If you’d like to run a contest at top wedding venues in jersey, setup the social media photo booth to have random people chosen as winners. When the photo booth is set to “Contest Mode,” a “Winner” logo will print on random photo strips. You can then give those guests a special giveaway prize.

Videos, Memes and GIFs

Photos aren’t the only type of media that your guests can create with the social media photo booth. They can also make slow-motion videos, memes with text overlays and animated GIFs.