Closet Material

What kind of material is best?

The closet companies that only sell one type of shelving will tell you that their system is best. Because we carry three styles of shelving we can be more objective while meeting a number of needs. Cost aside, some materials are simply better than others depending on where they are going to be used, i.e., small closet, large walk-in closet, basement, pantry, garage, etc. There are three basic closet materials being use in our industry today. They are: laminated wood, ventilated steel and ventilated or solid hard wood. You and our  designer will assess your needs including your budget and select the material that meets all of these factors.

Who installs my new system?

We use our own factory-trained staff on all of our projects. All of our staff is cross-trained to install all the products we carry. We have over 49 years of combined experience over our twelve years in business. We believe it is a privilege to work with you and be in your home.

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