Exercising Your Bones

Exercise your bones

Regular exercise not only prevents Osteoporosis, but can also slow the bone loss if it has already begun.

Although you should have an overall fitness workout, which is good for your whole body but for osteoporosis and weak bones specifically, there are two types of exercises that are recommended. These are:

  • Weight bearing exercises: Those in which your bone and muscles work against the force of gravity. Your legs and feet bear the weight of your body. Best examples of these are walking, jogging, playing football. Remember cycling and swimming are not weight-bearing exercises since your legs do not bear the weight. You can adjust the degree of impact by choosing from any of the weight bearing exercise. However, remember if you are already suffering from the disease you should take extra care while doing the exercises, particularly your joints. Do not overexert because your bones may already have become too weak to withstand all those twists and turns.
  • Resistance training exercises: These kind of exercises utilise your muscular strength to increase muscle mass and strengthen bones. Weight lifting and working out with machines involving weight are the best choices.

Start exercising today to prevent osteoporosis and make your bones strong and tough.
Fort Lauderdale fitness doesn’t have to be hard with proper training.