Founder’s Tip

“Think hard about the results you want. Set goals and ask questions …”
Too often people venture into the world of exercise and fitness without specific goals in mind or a gym in Smyrna, GA. I feel this is a top reason why the majority of people do not stick to an exercise / nutrition regimen.
If you have not defined what your fitness or health goals are, how handling negative reviews? Sounds pretty simple, huh? So how do you set goals? Here is where I would start. I first ask myself the question, “What is it I am trying to accomplish with my exercise/nutrition regimen?” My answer may be, “I want to lose 10 pounds of fat in the next 10 weeks and keep it off for life.” Now, that’s a short term and a long term goal. I may also answer, “I want to be healthier, more energetic, and feel less stress in my life.” Now I have another goal that could be both short and long term. Write these goals down and post them in visible places so that you will be reminded of them often. Be realistic, and be specific, and you will then have a constant reminder of why you must adhere to all aspects of your fitness plans.
Once you’ve done that, continually ask yourself the question, “How is this going to benefit or detract from my fitness and health goals.” Ask this question when you are about to eat (either good or bad stuff). Ask yourself this question when you want to skip a workout. Ask yourself this question before you begin your workout. Just ask it. It works.