Georgia Good Samaritan Killed When Semi Crossed Shoulder Line

A Georgia driver and his passenger were struck by a passing semi truck as they attempted to help a driver change her tire along southbound I-465 in Indiana. The Georgia passenger who stopped to help died in the motor vehicle accident.

The 31-year-old driver of the Pontiac and her 21-year-old passenger stopped along I-465 to fix a flat tire. A Ford truck with Georgia plates stopped on the side of the road to offer assistance to the Pontiac vehicle despite high traffic at night.

As the driver of the Ford and his passenger walked to the Pontiac, a semi truck veered to the right shoulder, plowing into the two cars and the four people out of their vehicles. The passenger in the Georgia truck died in the accident. The driver of the Ford truck was taken to a local hospital with road rash and other injuries. The Pontiac driver was not injured in the collision but her passenger sustained a broken leg and other injuries.

According to the Good Samaritan who stopped along the road, the semi truck driver came over to the accident scene and said that the four individuals shouldn’t have been on the side of the road before he walked away on the phone. Law enforcement officers found no evidence of alcohol or drug use by the semi truck driver but the truck driver was not in compliance with his log book.


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