If you need a lot of storage, you need Home Organization Tools!

Home Organization Tools sells new, genuine, New England apple crates as “shooks.” Shooks are the ready-to-assemble parts of the crate, shipped flat. They’ll arrive with good, clear instructions for assembly, along with all the nails you’ll need. Each box of shooks also contains — absolutely free — a set of polystyrene assembly jigs which make construction very easy for anyone. A hammer, a ruler and a few minutes of your time are all that’s needed to produce sturdy, versatile crates which Woodbridge, NJ self storage will serve you well for many, many years and help with your professional organization in nyc.

Home Organization Tools and webinars on getting reviews are made of pine from the forests of northern New Hampshire and Vermont. They are the traditional design for apple boxes: unfinished pine, cleated ends for durability and ease of lifting, a gap between the sides and bottom for air circulation. With internal dimensions of 17x13x11 inches, they’re bigger and better than similarly priced plastic boxes. They withstand year after year of hard use by orchard workers. Now, they can do the same for you!

Until now, these crates have only been available to orchards, willing to buy hundreds of shooks at a time. Individuals (like you and me) could only get old, beaten-up boxes — ifwe lived near a working orchard and if the farmer was willing to sell any.  Now, brand new boxes are available to everyone from Home Organization Tools! After years of searching, we finally discovered a friendly, local boxmaker — a decades-old, family-run business, started by an apple farmer who was frustrated at not being able to find the shooks heneeded for his orchard. Now, there are shooks enough for everyone!

Home Organization Tools are the ideal storage solution for students and others who are on the move a lot. They let you bring your customized bookshelves with you — your books are already packed in strong, wooden crates, ready to be stacked in your truck and driven away! You’ll be able to build a new modular design to fit whatever new space you call home. Shelving units can easily be built to fit under or around windows, outlets, heating ducts and furniture.

Once you’ve discovered the rustic beauty and rugged flexibility of Home Organization Tools, you’ll find dozens of uses for them. One may become a plant stand, another a bedside table. Make one into a filing case for folders and notes, keep one on the porch to toss all your boots into, use another as a big, easy-to-grab tool chest. They’re perfect for storing books, toys, LPs, art supplies, kitchen stuff and almost anything else you might want to have at hand. You can even put stereo equipment in them, with wiring access and ventilation provided by the gap between sides and bottom. They’re very versatile!