Spine and Fitness

Ever felt dissatisfied with the way you feel, look and carry yourself? Do those with firm, fit and lean bodies make you yearn for the same? Then it’s time to know more about Aerobics, the programme which can promise you these results. Although, fitness experts keep jumping at you from TV channels and magazine covers, it is important that you know the proper way to go about it. Aerobics is a programme designed at improving and relaxing both your mind and body. But before you get started, note the following instructions.

  • Get a two-part testing procedure done for yourself.First, a complete physical examination by a New Jersey back specialist to confirm whether aerobics is suitable for you or not. Second, a stress test by a psychologist. This will give you an idea of the personal risks involved in following a rigorous aerobics programme.

Exercise at the recommended frequencythree to five times a week.Either excessive or infrequent schedules put undue stress on your health. Some people exercise more frequently to reduce body fat, stress or to satisfy professional commitments. But even they take rest in order to rebuild tissue and avoid psychological burnout. On the other hand, exercising once a week has a bad effect on the heart’s functioning. Try not to skip more than three days at a go, or you will lose some of the gains you have made in gyms in St Leonard.