Working With Different Companies

Find company information instantly with Biological Browser’s 25 proprietary search methods…

  1. City name – research biological product companies within a specific city, town, or village. Multiple countries supported.
  2. Area code – know the telephone area code of a location? You can research biological product companies with that alone, too.
  3. Nickname – define your own nickname for a company, and jump directly there.
  4. Industry keywords – enter keywords like “insurance recruiting specialists” and browse companies by industry.
  5. Harmonized code – browse companies using the international standard code system for international trade
  6. Harmonized code keywords – browse companies by entering the names of products that they trade
  7. NAICS code – browse companies with the latest industry classification to emerge as a US standard — the North American Industrial Classification System
  8. NAICS industry keyword – browse companies using industry keywords from the NAICS system
  9. SITC code – familiar with the United Nations’ Standard Industrial Trade Classification codes? You can also research companies by these
  10. SITC keywords – browse companies by their SITC keywords
  11. End-Use code – browse companies using this US Dept of Commerce system for classifying companies
  12. End-Use keywords – browse companies by their End-Use keywords